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Crooked Vodka
Enticing as the untethered promises of a Snake Oil Salesman, yet smooth and refined as an unreformed conman. Crooked Vodka is just as morally bankrupt as the world’s most premium vodka brands at half the price.

Inspired by the infamous NYC law firm Howe and Hummel. They were lawyers who defended criminals and criminals who practiced law. They happily gave voice to murderers, thieves and prostitutes. Best summed up as a less moral version of Robin Hood, they enjoyed defending criminals while fleecing the rich. Their crime of preference was blackmail, and their pro-bono legal defense of the cities prostitutes gave them plenty to work with.

Vodka Distilled from American Grain

Appearance: Clear as stream water.

Aroma: Clean, with slight hints of toasted cereal.

Taste: Smooth to the tongue, with a slight sweetness and hint of cracked pepper.

Finish: A light clean finish.

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