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Tequila so smooth and pure that it is rumored to be distilled from the tears of fallen angels. Inspired by Chavela Vargas, the street singer who took over Mexico City’s bohemian club scene by challenging mainstream morals by dressing in men’s clothing while singing ranchero songs intended for men to woo women with incredible passion. This tequila drinking, cigar-smoking, rabble-rouser sang at Elizabeth Taylor's marriage to Mike Todd and ran off with Ava Gardner.

The Black Dove (Paloma Negra), became one of Chavela’s most famous songs. It is the dramatized telling of a young woman who goes out partying all night and breaks the heart of the singer.
Appearance: Clear as fresh spring water.
Aroma: Lightly roasted agave.
Taste: A mild flavor that builds as it crosses the palate.
Finish: A dry, clean finish with hints of black pepper.

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